Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What matters more?

It's funny how people get so angry when they're mad about personal stuff, but they're calm when they're mad about important stuff involving other people.

When someone hurts you: "ARRRGH ***** **** **** * *** *********!!!"
When someone hurts someone else: "That's very sad. We should stop this."

Example: People are all sad and somber about a real injustice - the state of Georgia executing Troy Davis, who may or may not be guilty for murder. But if someone insults their favorite sports team, they get PISSED. Someone got on my case today - they were dead serious - for supporting the wrong college. I haven't seen anyone get that pissed over Troy Davis. What's really more important?

Liberals are the worst at this. They forgive Hitler but not creationists. Conservatives and libertarians are a little better but not much. People never send their rage to the right targets. The world would be a better place if they did.

People are worthless.

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