Monday, November 21, 2011

Gender Roles and Feminism

I believe gender roles are real. Gender is not a social construct. There are exceptions but most people fit the rule. We shouldn't force people to fit gender roles they don't fit, but they exist for good reason. Both my parents act very "masculine" and I don't have any sisters. I grew up around rednecks, where men are MEN and women are ALSO MEN. I wasn't around femininity much growing up, but I'm attracted to very feminine women. I like when women are sweet and girly. I'm not interested in tough girls. Some feminists are against all femininity. Some are normal people who realize not all women are the same. Too bad most outspoken feminists are jerks. That's true of all groups, but feminists don't do themselves any favors when they sound like selfish jerks. It's not sexist for me to say this - I hate when guys act like that too. I'm sick of macho men and we don't need macho women too. Some crazy feminists hate me because I'm interested in feminine women. Again, we shouldn't hurt people who don't fit gender roles. But I grew up without normal femininity and I'm attracted to it.

However, I don't look down on women. Women deserve all the same rights as men. They can vote, own property, etc. thanks to feminism. They can do anything men can do unless there's a physical limitation. Even then some women can do it. There is nothing inferior about women. We'll have a female president someday - lots of other countries have. And they do face a lot of prejudice. If feminism is the idea that women are people, then I'm a feminist. But I don't fit into feminism at all.

For one thing, I believe women are morally superior to men. It's my personal experience. Women don't kill people as much as men. They don't cheat on their SOs as much as men. They care about other people more than men. A few feminists say "Don't hold us back! WE can be as evil as the guys!" Why the hell do you want to be? Traditional gender roles have one jerk gender and one nice gender. Thanks to feminism, we have two jerk genders and one nice gender.

Also, I'm sick of the word "patriarchy". Sometimes they have a point. If men have all the power, then it is a patriarchy. Too bad some people call anything they don't like a patriarchy. "WHAT?!?! YOU'RE OUT OF KETCHUP?!?! YOUR RESTAURANT IS A PATRIARCHY!!!!"

Overall, I like most of feminism's political goals. I'm split on social goals. I don't want to hurt women, but the movement attracts a lot of jerk women! Most really nice women are not feminists for the same reason most jerk women are - the ME ME ME ME ME factor. People forget other people aren't like them. It's hard for me to support someone when they piss me off.

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