Monday, December 5, 2016

About the term "Social Justice Warrior"

I'll use the term "Social Justice Warrior" in future posts. I want to clarify what I mean. I do not use it as a blanket term for liberals. A true Social Justice Warrior thinks they care about social justice more than they really do. Someone who only cares about abstract issues instead of the people the issues affect. Someone who trashes everything for being prejudiced and "problematic" but has no problem being prejudiced against groups they don't consider worthy to exist. A total hypocrite. It's a useful term for a kind of person I've run into online.

Most SJWs are high school or college students. They usually grow out of it when they get to the real world. SJWs give real social justice a bad name. Social justice is an important part of my faith and I care a lot about real social justice. I don't want to be racist, sexist, or homophobic. Therefore, I oppose SJWs. Thanks to them I will never use the terms "problematic", "trigger warning", "safe space", or "check your privilege" with a straight face. Some of those may be good ideas, but I associate them with some of the world's most annoying people.

Too bad the alt-right idiots co-opted the term to use against all liberals. They ruin everything they touch. For more info on what I mean when I talk about SJWs, read the top definition from Urban Dictionary. It was written in 2011. And for a good parody, see, which is so close to the real thing it's hardly satire.

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