Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Post On Gender

I like when women act vulnerable. I want to protect a girl and defend her. I want to tell people they can't mess with her or they'll deal with me. I don't like it when she can do everything herself. I want to help her with life. I want her to be able to help me too. But I don't want her to defend me. I want to defend her!

Also, I don't like the word "confident". It implies some annoying mean tough girl with her hands glued to her hips. The kind who's ALWAYS right, ALWAYS wins, and ALWAYS mocks everything. Most sitcom wives are like this. They call it "sassy", I call it "obnoxious".

If this means I'm part of the Patriarchy, then I'm proud of it.

I wasn't raised around feminine women. Most women and girls I knew acted like guys. I wasn't around femininity at all. Femininity turns me on. It always has and always will. This is why gender roles are not a social construct. I didn't grow up with traditional gender roles. My family was conservative in other ways, but "progressive" in gender. Not everyone fits gender roles and we shouldn't make them fit them. We also shouldn't yell at people who do fit gender roles. Even if I do it sometimes. Most people are like that by nature.

To some hardcore feminists, the only people who can act feminine are gay men. It must suck to be a masculine gay man. Most pro-gay straight people act like all gay men are women in male bodies. Society's homophobic, so if you're a man and you don't act 100% male people think you're gay, which is the Worst Thing Ever. This doesn't happen to women. Stereotypes say all lesbians are supposed to be bisexual, and no gay men are supposed to be bisexual. They're wrong of course. So you get Katy Perry, who released an album called One of the Boys. People know about the fake lesbian song "I Kissed a Girl" already. There's also a song called "Ur So Gay" (LyricWiki link) where she yells at her ex for "gay" things like: listening to Mozart and indie rock, reading Ernest Hemingway, driving an electric car, being thin, etc. None of these are gay or feminine in any way. The song's as homophobic as an American Family Association meeting, but a lot of my gay friends think she's great. Don't ask me why. The end lesson is it's okay for girls to act like guys, but it's not okay for guys to act like girls. Which is the hell we live in.

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